I teach and critique poetry at The Poetry School in Lambeth. Here’s what some of my students have said about my classes:

‘Emma’s workshops were never anything less than thought-provoking, engaging and inspiring, driven by Emma’s knowledge and enthusiasm which is dazzling and infectious.’

John Canfield, poet

‘Emma’s classes were different (in a good way), varied, quirky,
inspiring and gave the class a completely open environment to write in
new (and often more interesting) ways. I read things I probably
wouldn’t have read otherwise and wrote a thing I wouldn’t have written
otherwise, too. In short, jolly excellent!’

Rebecca Perry, poet

‘Emma’s Poetry is dead. Long live poetry! classes were inspired. Her challenge was to strip the ego out of our own poetry, but her practical exercises and encouraging style made this seem like a natural progression. Definitely changed my writing for the better’.

Joe Turrent, poet

‘Emma’s classes were weird (in a wonderfully charming, exciting, refreshing way). She completely opened up my perspective on the kind of poetry I’m capable of writing and I feel very privileged to have been taught by her.’

Debbie Potts, poet

‘Emma’s classes were excellent. Full of original and
interesting ideas that produced good, original and interesting poems.’

John Grant, poet

‘Emma Hammond’s The Noetics of Nonsense course was as fun as it was liberating. We were encouraged to unshackle our imaginations and allow ourselves to take the sort of risks we wouldn’t normally dare take. As a result, I found it easier to write ’outside the box’, producing original and spontaneous poems that I’m genuinely proud of. Emma’s tasks were all exciting and thought-provoking enough to get the creative juices flowing nicely and her feedback was helpful and considered.’

Benjamin Palmer, poet

‘The Noetics of Nonsense was entertaining and inspiring in equal measure. I love surrealism and the absurd and while I’ve read pretty widely in these genres, I was delighted to discover a variety of writers and material that were completely new to me. The writing exercises provided great prompts for experimentation and the fortnightly online chats were a delight – at turns light, serious, fun, in-depth, constructive, daft, supportive, playful, stretching… oh and the pole-dancing moose was a nice touch.’

Shauna Darling Robertson, poet

Here is a magazine I compiled of the poems written in one of my classes


Here is a blog that I put together after I taught my Kennings in the Community class.


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